About Us

Royal Flush (Royal Flush Life) was founded by President Jason Dobson (Jay Royal). Jason who has started and been a part of an array of businesses has always kept a few fundamentals at the top of his list and they were to always INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, GIVE and SPREAD KNOWLEDGE to others no matter what path he chose.

During the beginning stages when Royal Flush was in its infancy (just a Motorcyle Club) Jason and his friend Vice President David Pomales (Dream Royal) began to brainstorm on how to grow the movement into an overall Lifestyle that promoted the types of Fathers they were, Business Men they were and individuals that lived and breathed to help better the lives of everyone in their vicinity..

Royal Flush is a Clothing Line, Entertainment/Management Company to artists/talents (such as DJ Vito G and Hip Hop artist Jay Royal) to name a few, a Promotional Company that designs, promotes and manages night life events, also a designer of Health and Fitness programs including Personal Training, Nutritional videos and workshops used throughout the world and last but not least Royal Flush is a bike and car club. No matter what outlet ,Jason used his company to display who he was and his life's goal which is to always help someone smile, be happy, be positive, learn and be able to say they are Truly Living. 

That thought process began to draw like minded individuals into his world and those Men and Women who put their kids 1st, take care of themselves, work hard but more importantly help others to be the BEST they can be were branded The Royal Flush. Basically striving to LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST, whether it be in the workplace, in the gym or night life, Royal Flush is relentless in its task of showing their elders, peers and children to not waste a minute, ALWAYS be searching for Better and to Lead By Example!

The 1st thing an individual notices when they see u before they know your intellect, drive, ambition, loyalty, honesty and heart is what your wearing. Royal Flush's mission is to make sure your 1st impression is the right impression with words of strength, drive, positivity and wisdom displayed proudly on our clothing line.

The 2nd thing a person notices after meeting you is the person under the clothing, taking care of yourself physically screams to others you are dedicated, have self worth, and motivated. We handle that with our Health and Fitness Programs.

And the last thing an individual gets to use to judge you are the words that come out of your mouth, what your involved in and your actions that show what you stand for. This area we take care of by giving back to the community in charity, time and selflessness.

Last but not least you cannot  be all work and no play!! That being said, when the ties come off we make sure all around us have the time of their lives when the sun goes down. Night Life is where we touch glasses and congratulate each other for a job well done. 

Those Qualities make you and us a Royal Flush!!

The entire Royal Flush Team would like to welcome you, and Thank You for the Love, Support and the ability through your purchases of our apparel to help us give to a huge list of Foundations that give to, help and support our youth in distress because there is no good future if we don't make sure the kids of the future are good.